Somebody once told me: “if you have fun you will learn fast” but I would also say that if you have fun, you can also stretch yourself more easily!

Not that the speed is particularly important, but the efficacy of the exercise and fun can be two good points from where one can build a good yoga class.

I started practicing aerial yoga in this way: having fun and playing with music and physical expression. With time, I observed in my practice that even the simplest yoga poses can become a very effective movement with the help of the hammock.

NOT ONLY FOR ACROBATS. The cloth can in fact become a precious support for holding yoga poses that usually require much more strength.

AERIAL YOGA IS A PRACTICE for relaxing and realigning the body, Training attention and concentration in a subtle way through a "MINDFUL game".

Aerial yoga for all levels!

Aerial Yoga Dolomiti


ARIAL YOGA IN THE WOODS: In Canazei on request small groups from 14:00 to 15:00


At the BAIT DE CA'  near to the big parking of the Dolaondes swimming pool in Canazei (TN).


If you have your own yoga mat, take it with you. Alternatively, you can ask in advance to rent one for free. Comfortable clothes.  


20 € for the first lesson,  15 € from the second lesson on, You can also buy 3 lessons  for a total of 45 €


Aerial Yoga Cat strech

The benefits of Aerial Yoga: 

  •  It's good for practicing inversions without the compression of the spine or neck; it makes it much easier to stand upside down even to those who are overweight or have tense neck and shoulders.
  • You build up strength in the upper part of the body.
  • It’s good for your lumbar area.
  • It assists to hold some poses for a longer time.
  • It helps for better balance.
  • It’s kind to your back and allows you to practice perfect alignment of the spine during the execution of the Asanas.
  • It will bring more oxygen to the brain, thanks to the possibility to practice numerous inversions; this will regenerate the central nervous system, the scalp and improve the functioning of the endocrine glands in the head.
  • It’s a very effective weapon against stress.

The teacher

Tania Detomas, former Olympic freestyle snowboard athlete, has managed to combine her passions for meditation, acrobatic sports and nature in a perfect synthesis. Through the search for harmonious and controlled movements, the mind enters a natural state of attention, a meditative state of expanded concentration, which helps you to be present in yourself in a joyful way, whilst being in touch with the nature that surrounds you.

For more info or for booking a lesson write us here:
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