Yoga is an ancient practice for self-care. In Sanskrit, the term “yoga” means union. The period of pregnancy is a sensitive time that consists in a physical ad precious union between the mother and the child. During pregnancy, each month has its own needs. Thanks to the customized journey that we will build together, the lessons will be specific to your necessities. Throughout the classes, you will exercise the capacity to relax, get in closer touch with your feelings and understand the period of transformation that you are witnessing.
Psychophysical well-being, the ability to relax and emotional balance are fundamental aspects in a stage of great change such as pregnancy.



  • Breathwork: having supportive breathing habits can help you extensively, not only during the actual birth, but in everyday life as well. The breathing techniques proposed during the lessons are soft and effortless and they will help you unlock physical and emotional tension.
  • Specific Yoga for Pregnancy: increasing flexibility is essential to help the body adapt to the changes taking place in your body and to avoid annoying back pain. Moreover, some exercises will especially help you for the birth process itself. The mind is more steady in a healthy body.
  • Meditation: meditation allows you to establish a deeper interaction with the child and creates the base for a calm and peaceful mind.
  • Visualizations: We will explore together the incredible power of the mind and thanks to visualization meditation, you will have the opportunity to discover your personal resources.
  • Deep relaxation: to help your body find its balance in a simple and natural way.

The music used for deep relaxation: Sound therapists and stress specialists worked with the production company Marconi Union to develop Weightless, a very relaxing and restorative music.  

Weightless was composed using rhythms, tones, frequencies and intervals specifically chosen for letting the listener wind down. A continuous 60BPM rhythm creates brain waves and the heart beats sync with the rhythm of the song: a process known as entrainment. Brain scan studies have shown that this music acts at a very deep level of the brain, stimulating the regions used not only for sound processing, but also for emotions.

WHERE? in Canazei, Via Strèda Pareda 29 or in the comfort of your own home.
PRICES? 35 € one lesson, 110 € five lessons, 200 € ten lessons.
WHAT TO BRING ? Comfortable clothes.
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