Samoy is an association created to help people develop inner well-being and a deeper understanding of themselves.

Yoga is caring for your body, health, relaxation and awareness. It allows us to build strength, physical and mental balance. Through dynamic movements and only seemingly static positions, our body becomes agile and flexible, the mind calms down and the spirit  radiates presence.

Fears, habits and unconscious thoughts can be a heavy baggage that can weight us down, affecting our mental and physical freedom. The mind is a labyrinth and yoga is the wings that let us observe this intricateness from above.

TANIA DETOMAS is a yoga instructor with over 10 years of teaching experience in yoga and meditation, she completed her diploma in 2009 from the Ananda Ashram School. She studies oriental philosophy and continues to deepen her knowledge in yoga and meditation practices. She founded the Samoy Association for the development and divulgation of Yoga and Meditation. She completed the first and second level of the ATB (awareness through out the body).

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She is currently finishing her three year program in counseling at the International Institute for Psychosynthetic Education in Trento, Italy. With a passion for meditation and evolutionary techniques, she enriches her studies on spiritual texts through courses and retreats.

The place where she works is at the same time the place that she calls home, the Fassa Valley, in the heart of the high peaks of the Dolomites.

Yoga for all levels and styles: Integral Yoga, Aerial Yoga/ Antigravity Yoga, Breath Yoga, Private Yoga sessions or Yoga Therapy and meditation groups.


TECHNIQUES used in the classes:

    • ATB (Awareness Through the Body)
Tania Detomas

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