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Samoy is an association, created to disseminate the teaching of Integral Yoga. The ultimate goal is to expand awareness, within and without and bringing the human being into his full development.


The venue where he holds his courses is located in the place where he lives, in Val di Fassa, in the midst of the high peaks of the Dolomites. Born with a strong artistic, sporting and competitive spirit of extreme sport at an international level, at the age of eighteen she fell in love with meditation. He makes his life a continuous search, the search for evolution, and the development of spiritual qualities in matter. "Meditation and the ability to continually bring awareness to the internal observer, has led me to develop a greater state of awareness, and a higher quality of life, freedom is not an external condition but a state of being. " TaniaTania is a teacher and instructor of Yoga and meditation, she graduated in 2009 from the Ananda Ashram in Milan. In 2010 he also obtained a diploma as a Yoga teacher for children. He later expanded his studies into bioenergetics, Somatics and the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Mere. He then continues to study the philosophy of yoga and to deepen his knowledge of different types of meditation. In 2015 she attended the first level of Awareness Trough the Body - Awakening consciousness through the body, in 2018 she completed the second level and is now ready to disseminate this discipline of developing consciousness. In 2021 she graduated through in Padua with MamYoga to follow pregnant women towards childbirth through Yoga techniques.

Now she has become Contemporary dance teacher and is using the release technique to teach to adults and kids Ground Yoga Dance.